A little about me; I'm Tori (short for Victoria). I'm British living in Norway with my husband Christoffer and our 3 year old son Matheo. I spend my days creating content for YinMama and doing guidance sessions, spending quality time with my family and close friends, and of course taking moments of yin to fill my own cup. My favourites being Yoga and meditation, walks on the beach and taking long baths.

My passion for health and wellness started about 12 years ago. I was dealing with large amounts of stress and anxiety at the time, pushing my body to hard and not taking the time to rest and really care for myself. It led me to burn out and I realised I needed to radically change the way I was living my life and treating my body because; without your health, nothing else really matters. I took a new path and spent a year studying self-development, wellness, acupressure, yoga, meditation, massage, essential oils and nutrition. I found my balance, my body healed and I was hooked.

I went on to do a bachelors in Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and spent the next 6 years treating patients while working alongside chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and nutritionists. Continuously deepening my understanding of health and wellness, and prioritising caring for my mind and body.

When I was blessed with having my son almost three years ago, I'm the first to admit that I lost my balance... I was so obsessed with doing everything right, pouring all my time, energy and love into caring for this beautiful little baby (naturally), but I neglected to also care for myself. Mixed with some serious sleep deprivation and baby colic, I quickly began to feel exhausted, frustrated, irritable, anxious and overwhelmed. Life felt chaotic and I desperately needed to find my balance again...

So I went back to the practices that healed me before and started to prioritise moments out of my day to care for myself. I also became a yoga instructor to deepen my understanding of yoga and meditation, read tons of new books and took any course I could get my hands on to further my self-development.

I knew I wasn't alone in this and felt a calling to share my knowledge and help more women all around the world. With a love for being creative, a desire to run my own business and a passion for health and wellness, I in may 2018 decided to leave my 9-5 job as an Acupuncturist and Yoga Instructor, to start YinMama.

My mission is to inspire, motivate and help you to prioritise moments out of your busy day to rest, love and care for yourself. I believe that happy mamas make for happy families and when we take some time to ourselves to tune-in, relax, nourish and nurture ourselves, we can feel relaxed, present and happy, and have more to give back to those we love. It's like Lisa Nichols says; “Fill your cup until it overflows, then give to the world from your saucer. That way you’ll never run out”.

I'm so happy you're here and I look forward to connecting with you! Be sure to grab your Free eBook; The Relaxed, Present and Happy Mama where I share 5 simple steps to Creating a more Balanced, Calm and Happy Mind, Body and Mama Life.

I update the blog every Wednesday on all things health, wellness, self-love and care, to inspire you to take time to rest, love and care for yourself (especially when life is busy). 

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] and be sure to follow @yinmamaco on Instagram so we can connect! 

Light and love, 

Tori Gabarro


Contact: [email protected] 
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