mindset May 15, 2019

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week worldwide! And because I believe that caring for our mind (and body) and really loving ourselves is so important to our health and happiness, I have created a simple 7 Day Mindset & Self-Love Challenge for you 💕

I believe that self-love is absolutely necessary for our health and happiness and its something we all need to work on daily. How we think and feel within ourselves effects how we experience everything that happens in our life and I believe that when we treat ourselves with love and kindness, we are much kinder and more loving towards those we love and, lets face it, we are just much nicer to be around...

It's so easy to get stuck focusing on all the things we don't do or can't do or all our tiny flaws, that we overlook and forget to appreciate how amazing we truly are! 

So each day for the next 6 days I will email you a simple task that I believe can help to grow your self-love and thereby your happiness and wellbeing!

✨ Todays challenge is to write a list of 5 things you love and appreciate about yourself. Put it on your fridge or bathroom mirror to remind yourself of how amazing you truly are. 

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Wishing you a wonderful day, Love