inspiration Nov 13, 2019

Being a mama is wonderful in so many ways! But it also means hectic schedules and very little me-time to also relax and care for yourself (without the mama guilt). Life can sometimes feel more stressful and busy, then easy, balanced and fun... And you can sometimes find yourself feeling frustrated, stressed or anxious, perhaps snapping at those you love and not managing to be fully present in the moment...

The never ending to do list, trying to balance work, family and social life on top of all the things you "should" be doing, can at times feel exhausting... And we all have that inner mean voice that sometimes talks us down and makes us feel like (no matter how much we do) we aren't being or doing enough... right?  

We give so much of ourselves to everyone we love and everything we do, but so often forget to also fill our own cup. But I believe that happy mamas make for happy families and loving and caring for yourself isn't selfish, but absolutely necessary for your own health and happiness. I'm passionate about helping mamas to create more Balance and find more Calm within ourselves and in our life, so that we can feel more relaxed, present and happy! Because when we do, we have so much more to give back to those we love and the things we love to do.

I just wrote a brand new book that I'm so excited to share it with YOU! I'm calling it; The Relaxed, Present & Happy Mama. In it I share the 5 Simple (but Essential) steps to creating a more Balanced, Calm and Happy Mind, Body and Mama Life. (Even if you feel stressed, frustrated, exhausted or just too busy to find any time to care for yourself...) 

Click here to get your free copy now :)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you! Love,