inspiration Aug 27, 2019

As you can see from the logo at the top of this page, my website and blog has had a little makeover and is now called YinMama.co 

We live in such a fast pace society which is very much yang dominated - going and doing and achieving, and we often forget to also rest, love and care for ourselves - which is Yin. A balance is essential in order for us to be happy and healthy women and mamas. As an Acupuncturist, Yoga instructor and now Life Coach, i'm passionate about inspiring and helping mamas to create more balance and calm within yourself and in your life. So YinMama is really all about just that - taking moments out of your day to also love and care for yourself.   

Starting next week I am also offering one to one coaching sessions online!

During this 90 minute session we chat about what your needs are and what your idea of balance looks like. (much like I would in an acupuncture session), I help you map out where you might have some imbalances (within yourself and in your life) and share specific tools and action steps that you can take to create your balance and find more calm. These are tailored to your needs and may include things like mindset tools, yoga and meditation, acupressure and eft tapping, light healing and much more. You can book your session here.

Im also (finally) on Instagram!Have a wonderful week, Love

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