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Uncategorized Dec 25, 2018

Popping in to wish you peaceful and happy holiday! And to remind you (as much as myself) to relax, let go and enjoy the present moment with family and friends.

Remember to take a few deep breaths if the stress levels are high, and prioritise some (much deserved I'm sure) me-time to care for yourself and to re-charge. 


Lots of love from us

This is pretty much what all our family photos look like at the moment with our busy two year old ;)




mindset Nov 07, 2018


Choosing to focus on the positive in our life and showing appreciation for all that we are and have, is possibly the fastest, simplest and most powerful way of improving our own well-being and happiness.

Research suggests that feeling grateful can help reduce stress, improve our mental and physical health, increase empathy, ease depression, improve our relationships and foster long-term happiness. All pretty good reasons for making it a part of our daily lives!

"When you trade you're expectations for appreciation, you're whole world changes in an instant" - Tony Robbins

So, here are my top 3 tips for making gratitude a daily habit: 

1. Decide to make it a priority to take a moment each day (or several throughout) to think or write down what you are grateful for. Personally, I like to start and end my day with thinking of 3 things I am grateful for. 

2. Write a gratitude list or start a gratitude journal. Write down what you are grateful for and read it often, especially if you're feeling down. 

3. Show appreciation for those you love daily, verbally and through gestures. Simple things like saying thank you and complementing your family members and friends for all that they are and do daily. Its easy to get wrapped up in busy schedules and take the people we love for granted.

Cultivating gratitude daily challenges you to think of new things that you appreciate. It can be things like your family, friends and home, but also the little things that matter like the fresh November air or a cup of hot coffee early in the morning. 

It's impossible to feel anger, fear or worry when we are truly grateful - Tony Robbins

 What are you grateful for in this moment? Close your eyes and really feel it. 

Have a lovely Sunday! Lots of love



self-care Oct 31, 2018

Turn your phone off, ditch the tv and prioritise an evening of self-care. Here are 5 lovely ideas to help you relax and unwind.

  1. Take a long bath or shower. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the bath water or on the floor of your shower. Let the water wash away all the stress of the day. 
  2. Use a face and body scrub. My favourite is a coffee scrub. 
  3. Moisturise your whole body and think of 3 things that you love about yourself.
  4. Light some candles and curl up on the sofa with some tea and a great book.
  5. Put new sheets on the bed and have an early night. Wake up refreshed and ready for a new day tomorrow. 

Lots of love



self-care Oct 29, 2018

With hectic schedules and long to do list's, it can sometimes be easy to forget to slow down and care for ourselves. So what is Self-care really all about?

It's essentially anything you do for yourself that helps improve your well-being and happiness. There are so many ways to practice self-care and we all need to find what works for us. 

How to practise self-care can be divided into 3 areas: Mind, body and spirit. How we treat these 3 areas can impact our emotions and overall well-being. 

self-care for your mind is about balancing stimulating your mind through for example learning, reading and interacting with others, with relaxing and unwinding.

Self-care for your body is about nourishing your body with healthy foods, balancing movement and exercise with enough rest and sleep.

Self-care for your spirit is really anything that brings you joy and doing what you're passionate about. being creative, spending time in nature and helping others are examples of ways to care for your spirit.  

What is something you can do for yourself today to improve your well-being?

Lots of love



Uncategorized Oct 27, 2018

In the summer of 2018 I made a choice to follow my intuition and do something completely different and new. I told the most caring and understanding group of guys you could ever wish to work for, that I was leaving my 9-5 job as an acupuncturist and yoga instructor...

Most people would think I’m crazy to leave my stable job for the unknown, but I have a strong desire to combine and share my knowledge, experience and passion for wellness, Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation in a creative way. I want to help and inspire more people to take moments out of their busy schedule to find their balance and prioritise loving and caring for themselves.

So, with a calm mind and butterflies in my stomach, I press go and start a new chapter. I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I hope to create a little universe here of inspiration and happiness.

You can read more about me here. I update my blog every week and would love for you to follow me on instagram where I post daily inspiration on all things wellness. 

Lots of love


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