The Secret to Creating Your Balance

 and Being the Woman and Mama

You Really Want to Be.

Being a Mama is wonderful in so many ways! But it also means...

✓ hectic schedules and very little time to also relax and care for yourself (without the mama guilt…)

✓ Life can feel more stressful and busy, than easy, balanced and fun...

✓ You may find yourself feeling frustrated, stressed or anxious, perhaps snapping at those you love and not managing to be fully present enjoying the moment...

✓ The never ending to do list, balancing work, family, social life and all the things you "should" be doing, can feel exhausting...

✓ And we all have that inner mean voice that sometimes talks us down and makes us feel like (no matter how much you do) you're never being or doing enough... right? 

I get it and that's why this could be the most important page you ever read.

I want to introduce you to the ONE simple thing that I believe is The Secret to Creating Your Balance;



I'm gonna tell you exactly why I believe The Yin Moments Method is the key to creating your balance in just a minute, but first I wanna just let you know who this is for and tell you a quick story about me, my motherhood journey so far and why I know that creating your balance is vital!

This is for you if...

✓ You want to have more balance within yourself and in your life so that you can feel more relaxed, present and happy, in-tune with yourself and those you love.

✓ You want to feel Abundant in all areas of your life, bursting with energy! Getting all the important stuff done while also being a loving, present and calm mama to your kids.

✓ You want to ditch the negative self-talk, grow your self-love and cultivate a more positive, loving, supportive and empowering mindset!

✓You want to learn the positive habits and routines that actually work in a busy everyday life that can eliminate the unnecessary stress and overwhelm, and that also allows time for you to care for yourself and to do what you love! (Even when life is busy and without the mama guilt).

✓You want to "have it all" without burning yourself out! (or spending countless hours and energy trying to google and piece together all the things you "should" be doing that let's be honest, is just overwhelming and confusing...). You're busy so you want things to be uplifting, practical and simple to implement into your life.  

Hello, I'm Tori

As a Mama, Health & Wellness Coach, Acupuncturist and Yoga Instructor, I'm passionate about helping mamas to Create more Balance and Calm within themselves and in their life.

But things haven't always been so easy and balanced for me...

When I was blessed with having my son about 3 years ago, I'm the first to admit that I completely lost my balance and although it was wonderful in so many ways! I struggled...

Between all the things that needed to be done throughout the day; balancing work/life/social and other responsibilities, the pressure of being a mama, the laundry and mess that just piled up, the night awakenings, the wonderful moments followed by pure worry, the self-doubt and feeling like there just wasn't any time for me to just rest and get on top of things...

I quickly began to feel frustrated, irritable, anxious and exhausted...

Like a lot of women I thought the answer to all of this was to be more and do more!

But the more I pushed, the more tired I became and the worse I felt about myself... 

One night, while I desperately trying to get my son to go to sleep after what felt like a very long day, I found myself sobbing and wishing that things were different...

Then a moment later of course came the guilt and feeling like I wasn't being a good enough mother...

However in this moment of desperation and exhaustion, I began to realise that I had forgotten everything I had spent so many years learning - how it's all about Balance.

I had poured all my love, energy and attention into caring for my son (naturally), but neglected to also love and care for myself. In that moment I knew that

I needed to make a change.

My whole life people had been telling me to just accept that life as a mama is chaotic and you can kiss any me-time and rest goodbye...

But I longed to have my balance and I wanted to enjoy this precious time with my son. I wanted to thrive not just survive. To feel in tune with myself and be relaxed, present and happy when spending time with those I love.

I wanted to have enough energy to get all the important stuff done, to focus on my work that I love, to be a calm and loving mama, AND I wanted time to be able to love and care for myself (without the guilt). 

I wanted to "have it all" without bruning myself out. 



So I spent a lot of time and energy researching, reading new books, and taking online courses to figure out how I could create the balance that I craved.

When I combed all of it with my own knowledge and experience of Chinese Medicine -

I had my aha moment!

See in Chinese Medicine we talk about how there must always be a balance between Yin and Yang.

But we live in such a fast pace society which is very much yang dominated (going, doing, pushing and working hard), where we give so much of ourselves to everyone we love and everything we do...

We often don't prioritise time or forget or perhaps don't really know how to also really nurture the Yin aspect.

I realised that when we stop pushing and instead shift our focus to prioritising moments out of our busy days for Yin; to tune-in, relax, nurture, nourish, love and care for ourselves in the right way, we create an inner alchemy of balance.

And when you do this - you have more energy, feel more relaxed, present and happy, and in turn have so much more to give back to those you love and the things we need and love to do! 

So I knew that these moments were important but I still hadn't cracked the code of exactly how to fit them in to my already busy schedule as a mama working full time...

So I spent a few more months studying what the woman I admired were doing and began to implement these moments of Yin into my day... 

After a lot of time, testing, trial and error;

it suddenly all clicked and thats when everything changed...

I began to feel more Energised and focused. My mind was calm, my body relaxed and I felt more present and happy within myself and while spending time with my family, friends and in my business than I EVER had before.

I felt like I suddenly had plenty of time to get all the important things done and, even though life was very busy as a mama working full time, I also had plenty of time to also care for myself.

Exactly how to create this Balance is something that I have now come to call;

And it focuses on these 5 key areas:

Because the relationship you have with yourself forms the basis for all your other relationships and how you think and feel affects how you react and experience everything that happens in your life, the first step in the Yin Moments Method is to focus on growing your self-love and to cultivate a mindset that is positive, loving, supportive and empowering to your health and happiness. 

We all have limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, fear and insecurities (most of which were formed by what we saw and experienced during early childhood - psychologists call this conditioning). It is these limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that you need to become aware of so that you can replace them with positive, loving and supportive ones!

The next step in the Yin Moments Method is to create balance within your own body, because when the energy in your body is balanced; you can feel relaxed, present and happy with plenty of energy.  

Things like emotional stress, negative experiences and overworking ourselves for too long without enough rest and care, can deplete your energy and cause stagnation or blocks within the bodies energy channels. This can cause unwanted emotional or physical symptoms such as anxiety, frustration, exhaustion, muscle tension etc... 

To have a balanced body it is therefore crucial to first; create a free flow of energy, and then incorporate moments of Yin into your day to tune-in, nourish, nurture, love and care for yourself (in the right way) to keep your body in the natural and necessary state of balance. 

Life is busy and often we think it's about having to do and be more... But having a balanced life is all about incorporating the positive habits and routines that actually work in a busy everyday life, that can eliminate the unnecessary stress and overwhelm and that allows for more calm, balance and flow in your life.

It's about prioritising and creating a life that allows time for you to love and care for yourself, while also getting all the important stuff done and balancing work, family and social life. Its about creating a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside. 

So now that you know exactly why The Yin Moments Method is Essential in Creating Your Balance, I wanna ask you... Is this something you're ready to take action on and create for yourself?

Because right now you have the chance to grab the roadmap that shows you exactly how to do it!

Today I’m excited to be able to introduce you to my BRAND NEW online course;

Mama Balanced is a Brand New 6 week online course that walks you step by step through The Yin Moments Method and shows you exactly how you can create your own Mind, Body and Life balance

I have combined all my knowledge and experience of Chinese Medicine, health and wellness and put it into a super simple, organised, practical and easy to follow course for you!


 “I LOVE this whole course! It's profoundly transformational and inspiring! I love that it all builds on loving and caring for ourselves by strengthening our mindset, releasing emotional blocks that may be preventing us from feeling truly happy and relaxed and give us practical tools to create balance in a busy everyday life. Beautiful layout and photos, so easy to use and follow as you take us step by step through the course. I would absolutely recommend any mama to take this course, its a 10 out of 10!

- Rina Berntsen, Mama of 2

“This course is inspiring and encouraging! I love the overall look and tone of it, and you have such a nice voice to listen to. Life is busy and Mama Balanced is really helping me to relax and re-centre myself. I love it, thank you. 

- Celeste Fe, Mama of 4

“Loving this Balanced Mama course! it's so simple to follow in my hectic day and I love how flexible it is. So relaxing and it's helping me to stay calm while the kids are being kids. It gets me thinking, what positive change can I make today? and im actually being a lot nicer to myself which in turn is making me much nicer to my spouse and family! I'm so excited to be a part of it and I know it will help so many mamas. I'm telling all my friends! I want a t-shirt now that says #mamabalanced

- Tatianna Guinn, Mama of 2



✓ Introduction to Mama Balanced Course 

✓ Gaining clarity and knowing your why. Setting your goals and intentions with the key questions to ask yourself

✓Why having balance is crucial to your happiness and wellbeing and why everyone you love will benefit (so you can ditch the mama guilt)

✓ Self-love 101 



✓ When you change your thinking - you change your life! Discover which negative thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back so you can transform your mindset.

✓ The 3 simple yet powerful tools to quickly reprogram your thinking to one that is positive, supportive, loving and empowering.

✓How to let go of fear, self-doubt and negative self-talk to live your life from a place of love and joy.

✓ How to calm your busy mind and tune-in to yourself through meditation.


✓ Letting go of the idea of perfection and knowing you are enough, right now. 

✓ Accepting, forgiving, letting go and moving forward

✓ How to silence your inner critic and become your own cheerleader

✓ The power of now and using visualisation to being the you you've always wanted to be. 


The simple way to deal with stress in a healthy way

The key to balancing yin and yang when life is busy; going, doing and movement with resting and caring for yourself through Yin Moments (so you don't get overwhelmed or burn out)

✓ The simple principles to follow when nourishing your beautiful body to boost your energy levels! 


How to release emotional blocks and re-balance your bodies energy to help the free flow of energy within your body (vital for feeling energised, relaxed and happy).

Connecting inward, listening to your intuition and going with the natural flow of your bodies energy (instead of against it like we often do...)

✓ Connect with yourself through breathing and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body 


✓ The secret to getting more done by doing less... (yes it is possible)

The key to simplifying and planning for easy living

Learn the essential daily habits and routines that allow for less stress, more balance, ease and joy in a busy everyday life

✓ Combining everything from this course to create your unique Mama Miracle Routine that leaves you feeling energised and ready for anything, with a focused and calm mind, for a happy and balanced life.


To help you get the most out of this course, I have created a downloadable workbook which includes:

✓ Summary of techniques and tips

✓ Action steps you can take after each lesson/module to maximise your growth

✓ Meditation is a fantastic way to calm your mind, relax your body and tune-in to yourself. You get 5 powerful meditations and visualisations to calm, relax, forgive and let go, empower, love and heal, to become the woman and mama that you want to be. 

✓ Easy go-to summary list of the amazing self-care activities to calm and nourish your mind, body and spirit. A must have for all busy mamas to re-charge and relax!

✓ The downloadable Mama Balanced Planner that can help to eliminate the stress and overwhelm, shifts your focus to what is important AND allows plenty of time for you to also care for yourself, while also raising a happy family.

✓ Exclusive and lifetime access to the course. Re-visit the videos any time!

✓ I'm constantly updating the course material and as a member, you'll get access to these updates at no extra charge. 

(Total Value of Bonuses: Over $400!)

So at this point you're probably wondering what a course that can deliver all of this actually costs... And to learn all this through one-to-one coaching with me is a an investment of a few thousand dollars.

But I want as many mamas as possible to have this knowledge so I've found a way to deliver it to you in a super simple and effective way which means right now,

You get the entire Mama Balanced course with All 5 Bonuses!

for just a one-time single secure payment of $497 🌟

I'm so confident that you're going to LOVE this course, that I'm also including a 30 day Full Money Back Guarantee!  

So if you're wondering “Is this course really for me?” don’t worry… You test it out for a full 30 days and if you don’t absolutely love it – or you don’t feel like it’s working for you… no problem!

Just send me an email at [email protected] anytime within the first 30 days and I’ll give you a Full and Immediate refund

No hard feelings and No Questions Asked. And you can even keep the downloadable trainings at my expense, as a gift from me.

It's simple and risk free. So if you're ready, Click the "Yes! I want this" button below and take advantage of this amazing offer today.

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Frequently asked questions

This course is for you if you want to create more balance within your own mind, body and life.

Perhaps you feel stressed, anxious, exhausted or like there just isn't enough time to get everything done and to also care for yourself. You're tired of feeling like no matter how much you do, you're never being or doing enough. You're ready to take inspired action in your own life because you want to love and back yourself, have more energy and be a relaxed, present and happy mama.

With the 30 day, 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk. You can try the course and see if you love it! 

This course may however not be for you if you suffer from any mental or physical symptoms or illness where seeking medical help would be better suited. Always consult your doctor before making any major lifestyle changes. 

You get instant access!

After you put in your credit card information and create your own unique password, you’ll then be taken to a private members only area where you get instant access to the first module in the Mama Balanced course. A new module is released each week.

Your login information and purchase receipt will be sent to the email address you provide.

No, everything is online, ready to go and waiting for you.

You can go at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home!

Because I know what it's like to feel like I you're never being or doing enough, to feel stressed, frustrated, exhausted and wanting to have time to care for myself, but never finding the time. 

I desperately wanted to have balance in my life and to feel happier, more relaxed and present within myself and when spending time with the ones I love and the things I need and want to do.

I've spent so much time, money and energy over the past years searching, learning, piecing it all together myself, wishing that someone would just show me the way! 

When I figured this out, everything changed for me and I now feel like it is my duty, my mission to help and share this with you! 

Despite what most of us have been taught, we aren’t meant to struggle. You don’t need to feel so distracted, tired, and overwhelmed. You don't need to feel torn between work life and mom life; me-time or family time; It isn’t one or the other. You can have it All and without burning yourself out.

When we surrender and let go of how we think things should be, and instead trust and lean in to the loving feminine energy of Yin, you can create your balance and feel abundant in all areas of your life. 

You are meant to feel truly relaxed, present and happy. There is time to nurture, nourish and care for yourself while raising a thriving family! And if you don't feel like this is possible for you at the moment, its just because no one has shown you how... 

The saying it takes a village is true in so many ways and I believe that women are meant to support and lift each other up! Things don't need to be so hard, you can create your ideal balance and it's ok to get some guidance along the way. I wish someone had given me a step by step guide when I was searching for answers, which is why I made this for you!

Life is always going to be busy and there is no better time than right now to start your journey and become the you you've always wanted to be!

With the 30 day full money back guarantee there is no risk! Try it out and see if it works for you.

If you're ready to create your balance and be the woman and mama you've always wanted to be, Click the buy now button below to start your journey today. See you on the inside 🌟







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